Honeywell’s CIPer™ Model 50 Controller

We have discussed Honeywell’s new CIPer Model Controllers 10 and 30. This week we will focus on the third controller Honeywell created that AME uses to enhance the work we do on our client’s projects. This controller has separate wiring sockets for a quick exchange without the hassle of rewiring, compact mixed I/O modules and the expansion capabilities of 2,500 points for HVAC plant control as well as a multi-network protocol. Plus, so much more! Take a look below at all the features Honeywell’s CIPer™ Model 50 Controller offers and call AME so we can show you how to implement this innovative product on your next project!

Seamless control and expansion
Expansion capabilities up to 2,500 points for scalable HVAC plant control
Multi-network protocol
Onboard configurable display
Built-in energy management functions, including metering (Modbus)
Built-in alarms, schedules, trends, histories, graphics/schematics, email, SMS
HVAC Application Library for unparalleled energy efficiency
Continuous adaptation to building characteristics for optimized performance
Separate wiring sockets for quick exchange without rewiring
Compact mixed I/O modules
1,000+ physical I/Os, plus distributed mounting of I/O modules (up to 2400 ft / 800 m)
26 on-board I/O terminals
Two-port IP switch