Lighting Controls Services

AME is able to provide lighting control for your building that can be integrated with any open protocol lighting vendor. Protocol communication systems that allow us to use products from different manufacturers to work together include BACnet, Modbus and LON. Our lighting control experts are ready to assist you with any range of control your building needs. From the basic control system to a fully automatic lighting control system for your entire building lighting circuits, our team is here for you. Our lighting control systems can be integrated to work with your buildings current lighting circuits or as part of a whole new project.

As part of our lighting control service we provide security solutions for you such as motion and light level sensors. We want you and your building to be safe and this kind of security installation is not only affordable but will give great peace of mind. This type of physical security measure acts as a deterrent when anyone enters the area around your building by shining a light on them and their actions.

By including lighting controls with your building automation system, we can increase your energy savings, keep you in compliance with energy codes, LEED, credits and Energy Star. Our goal is always to provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your business. Because we offer building automation as well as lighting control we are able to just that for you. Our team is able to customize a detailed sequence of operation for lighting controls through your building automation system. By integrating the lighting control system, our technicians and your building management are able to easily access and monitor the lighting systems.

Can integrate with any open protocol lighting vendor (i.e. BACnet, Mod BUS, LON)

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