AME Difference

At AME we strive for excellence, innovative solutions, growing expertise and knowledge in building automation. We are dedicated to our customers and their success. We customize each project to your individual needs to make sure that from the beginning of your project to the end the objective remains on track and you get exactly what you want. We want to help you outperform your competition and build a successful future for your company. We will be there for you every step of the way. We provide outstanding service and an incredible management team that is knowledgeable and forward thinking.

Our CEO and President Hermie Patel started the company in 2004. In just 14 years he has taken AME from a 1-million-dollar company to a 30-million-dollar company. To date we have had 327,005 controllers installed, completed 2,200 projects, gained 415 customers and completed 350 advance integration jobs. With Mr. Patel’s leadership and guidance, the company continues to grow and prosper.

AME is one of the largest growing BMS controls contractors in the NY/NJ/CT metropolitan region. Everyone on our management team is a trained control professional and has expertise in design and commissioning of systems. We have extensive experience and technical skill in the design and installation of Mechanical Systems and Automatic Temperature Controls.

We are happy to be recognized as an Authorized Controls Integrator (ACI Elite) and ACI Direct for Honeywell. This is the highest contractor designation offered through the ‘Honeywell Building Control Solutions’ distribution channel and is based on level of expertise, training, building size, and complexity.

We are also proud to have been named 2018 and 2020 Honeywell! Honeywell Authorized Controls Integrators (ACI) compete for this award annually. The award is based on volume, major projects won and completed, creative solutions, technical competency and the commitment to partnering with other Honeywell groups.

Another accomplishment we are proud of is that we are a Certified Tridium Vykon® Integrator, which is web-based and capable of integrating with any existing controls system and that we are a recognized Integrator for Carrier Controls and Johnson Controls.

Our Services include but are not limited to the following:

1. Engineering
2. Estimating
3. Installations
4. Security and Monitoring
5. Building Automation
6. Lighting Controls
7. Energy and LEED Solutions
a. Energy
8. Mechanical Service
9. Systems Integration
10. Service & Maintenance
11. Metering

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