Honeywell’s CIPer™ Model 30 Controller

We are proud of our partnerships with the best companies in the industry for your building automation systems. Honeywell products help us provide our clients with the best options for their projects. Honeywell’s CIPer Model 30 offers all the amazing features of the CIPer 10 and so much more. This model is the industry’s only Niagara-based controller with a 1GBPS, 4-port switch. It is also capable of connecting with IP peripheral devices using “Fast Ethernet” which allows for speeds up to ten times faster and 1,000 times faster than MS/TP controllers. We have listed all the other features for you to check out on our website. Take a look and see if this is the product your next project needs.


Scalable, fast and flexible to handle a range of devices
Industry’s only Niagara-based controller with a 1GBPS, 4-port switch
BACnet B-BC listed to support a wide range of applications
Connects with IP peripheral devices at speeds up to 10 times faster than using “Fast Ethernet” and 1,000 times faster than MS/TP controllers
Built-in analytics help create smarter, efficient systems
Easy integration of legacy systems
Ready-to-use wire sheet, alarming, history, schedules, web server, graphics and Haystack Tagging
World-class security includes FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Compliance
Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol to daisy chain up to 255 controllers on a single bus