Gas Submetering

AME knows that from individual tenant submetering to multi-site and campus-wide energy metering, you want to be able to see your facility’s detailed energy usage. Through different energy, water, power and gas metering you are able to monitor each area easily.

Gas submeters are necessary for the same reason water meters are. In the past when an apartment complex or commercial property with many tenants received a gas bill, it was simply divided up among all tenants equally, no matter their usage. That was an unfair practice and needed to be changed. By creating gas submetering, the problem was solved.

Gas submetering allows for an accurate individualized bill to be generated for the tenant’s gas usage. AME can provide the right system for your specific needs. Your system will include the appropriate gas meters for your application and a wired or wireless Automated Meter Reading system designed specifically for your property.

By providing each tenant their own individual bill, they will be able to see their gas usage and be able to cut back a bit to save themselves and the property management some money.

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