AME Partnership with BASSG an Interview with Alper Üzmezlert

Our partnerships are very important to us. Through our relationships with vendors and contractors we are able to customize our client’s projects and offer the best possible solutions for all their building needs.

Eleven years ago, AME wanted to purchase graphics from BASSG. From that one encounter in 2007, a partnership that included hundreds of jobs, AME and BAS Services & Graphics LLC have worked well together and have given their mutual clients the quality and efficiency they were looking for.

We wanted to ask Alper Üzmezlert, the managing partner for BAS Services and Graphics LLC., his opinion on why this partnership was so successful and asked him to answer a few questions:

What would you say each of your strengths are?
One of BASSG’s strengths is our focus on work enhancement tools and one of AME’s strengths is their focus on scaling business. Together, we have been able to deliver projects in a timely manner with consistent UI.

In the last eleven years, what projects have the two of you worked on together?
We have worked on hundreds of projects together. Our combined efforts included design protocol projects for numerous school and commercial buildings.

Why do you think that you work so well together?
I think that because Amit (Vice President of AME) and I were both entering into the industry at early age, that shared experience bonded us from the beginning. We were both ambitious and had a multicultural attitude toward problem solving.

What can a client expect when they have both of you working on a project for them?
They can expect, quality, efficiency and consistent UI with analytics.

How have your products/graphics benefited clients or AME?
Consistent and fast UI generation helps lower costs and saves time on the lifecycle of the building.

What is your training process for a team or client with BASSG?
We have videos on our products as well as one on one training sessions for applications. We give our customers the tools to be self-sufficient. AME has utilized our modules on many projects independent of us and we encourage everyone to utilize our videos or one on one sessions to be able to do the same.

Are there any new products/graphic plugins to promote?
We recently built an open source project called project SandStar which merges Sedona Framework with Haystack. It enables hardware agnostic DDC between different devices and Visualytik dashboarding that is based on Haystack with block programming methodologies.

What does the future hold for AME and BASSG?
Stay tuned to AME and BASSG! We will change the industry one project at a time and B-IOT will change how we look into the problems of our buildings.

AME believes in building strong, long lasting relationships in our industry. With great partners like BAS Services and Graphics LLC, we can only continue to grow in our knowledge of new and innovative ideas and provide great service to our clients. Please visit BAS Services and Graphics LLC to see all they have to offer at You can also see some of the projects we have worked on together on our website

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