BAS Graphics

AME’s committed to building long lasting relationships with everyone we work with. Though our partnership with BAS Services and Graphics LLC we have been able to find a design graphics partner that continues to provide the services our customers need and the quality they have come to expect.

BASSG was founded in 2004 focusing on building automation technology and BAS Analytics delivery. Through an in-house developed, easy-to-deploy, multi-system software tools, BASSG branded OEM products and multiple distributorships. BASSG is an EnerCase | Solidyne | Ontrol | SkySpark distributor and implementation specialist.

The most recent project BASSG has worked on is an open source project called project SandStar which merges Sedona Framework with Haystack. It enables hardware agnostic DDC between different devices and Visualytik dashboarding that is based on Haystack with block programming methodologies.

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