Engineering Department

Proud to offer Engineering Services to Automatic Temperature Control Contractors, across North America:

Our Services include controls drawing and submittals, DDC programming and graphics development for Honeywell WEBs and Johnson Controls FX Channel partners.

The AME team has over twenty years of experience and extensive knowledge of operations and maintenance for building automation systems including Honeywell Webs, Carrier, and Johnson Controls FX. Our team members include Tridium N4 certified technicians and thirty plus engineers and programmers that can integrate any system and handle projects of any size and complexity. We have successfully completed many large integration projects that incorporated open protocols such as LON, BACnet and the migration of legacy proprietary controls systems.

Key Benefits

• Capacity Augmentation

• Extended Shadow Engineering team

• Fixed Cost Engineering

• Improved Bottom-line

• Reduced Engineering Cycle time

• Operational Efficiency

A. Controls drawings: Our drawings include detailed HVAC system flow diagram, sequence of operations, network architecture, bill of material and detailed wiring between controllers and field devices and submittals for all the parts used in the drawings. Our drawings are designed with all the stakeholders of the project in mind such as installers, programmers and start-up techs.

B. DDC Programming: Our Tridium N4 certified programmers can write programs for various complex HVAC controls sequences. Our programmers will walk your field techs through the logic, so they can spend more time fixing the field issues and leave the site quickly.

C. Frontend Engineering/Graphics: We have a dedicated graphics team that can take on integration projects of various size and create user friendly graphics. We can provide support for various graphics packages such as Standard N4, BAS graphics or DGLux.   

D. Niagara Analytics: We have a dedicated analytics team, that can build analytics logic, produce 3D Energy Dashboards, Continuous Commissioning, Work Order Generation, and Spark Alerts.

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