BAS Controllers

AME is always looking for the next innovation that will create more efficiency for our customers. We also like to keep you well informed with the latest news in the HVAC industry. This week we would like to share some information in controller product news. Our partner, Honeywell, is releasing their next generation of powerful, flexible controllers designed for a full range of building automation applications. CIPer 10, CIPer 30 and CIPer 50 are the fastest IP Controllers around. The Internet Protocol Controllers allow for greater bandwidth and security to increase your network capabilities and safety. CIPer™ Controllers With Niagara 4 Framework®.
Connected Buildings Made Smarter is what AME promises our clients and with these IP HVAC controllers we are able to fulfill that promise with ease. In order to show you how Honeywell has enabled us to enhance our customers connectivity, we will be sharing a post about each controller so you can see all of their features. So be on the look-out next week to see if CIPer 10 is the right controller for your next project.