Carrier RTU with EcoBlue Technology

Our friends and partners at Carrier are introducing new Weather Series Rooftop Units with EcoBlue Technology. This technology includes a more compact vane axial fan, which is a brand-new feature in packaged rooftop units with an intuitive control board. This simplified design along with the new beltless direct -drive vane axial indoor fan system will help to lower installation and maintenance costs and improve the efficiency and performance of your unit.
AME is always striving to bring our customers the most efficient and cutting-edge technology. We are looking forward to implementing Carrier’s EcoBlue technology and providing our customers with all the advantages it will give them. Contact us if you need more information or would like to get started on setting up a new Weather Series Rooftop Unit.
Above is a detailed description of the Weather Series Rooftop Units with EcoBlue Technology so you can see for yourself how innovative this new technology is.