SkySpark by SkyFoundry Data Analytics

This week we would like to highlight one of our partners SkyFoundry. Their innovative SkySpark analytics is an incredible tool we advise our clients to take advantage of. SkySpark allows our clients to use historical data to make informed decisions for their company. Smart building automation systems today can give you an incredible amount of data, how do you find the information you need? Because this system is designed specifically with IoT data in mind, it is able to store and organize data coming from various sources and enables quick and easy access to any information you need.
AME’s goal is to always provide solutions that will not only enhance our client’s buildings, but to give them efficiency and innovation in a way that is easy to understand and operate. SkySpark analytics has so many features that can help our clients organize their data and it can be customized to fit their needs. We have already used SkySpark in our projects and would like an opportunity to show you what it can do for you.