The Honeywell Momentum 2018 Recap

The Honeywell Momentum 2018 was one of the best conferences we have attended this year. We wanted to share with you the incredible speakers we had an opportunity to hear speak while we were there:
On the first day we heard from: Mike Keller, Honeywell’s North America Buildings Sales Director and Michael Garceau, Honeywell’s new General Manager who shared the innovative ideas and solutions Honeywell is unveiling to improve all aspects of the industry.

Terry Jones founder of Travelocity and Kayak, also spoke and shared how he grew these two start-up companies to the billion-dollar success they are today. Other subjects discussed during the day included: New CIPER Model Controllers and Technical Tracks
Day two included a very informative speech by Kevin Smith, Tridium’s CTO & Chief Architect on cyber security. People were also able to attend IP Controller Programming, Sales Acceleration and Niagara 4 Security updates discussions.